Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rustic Bear Wall Decor

This is a interesting piece. Not the usual for the kinds of items I usually make but it was fun to do something very different. I found this in one of my favorite publications Creative Woodwork's & crafts. It was in a issue quite some time ago. I cut the figure of the bear from 1/4" plywood and cut the design in the center using my scroll saw. The scene of the two bears and tree's were then highlighted using a acrylic wash. I then used a light oak finish on the rest and finished with a flat urethane finish. Backer board was painted with a flat black paint. Next one I try will probably be  blue, I want to see how the different contrasting colors look. I will share this when I get it completed. I have a couple other items to finish first. If you have any questions feel free to send me message or visit

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Handcrafted Mahogany Jewelry Box

This Mahogany Jewelry Box with Walnut drawer pulls was a real joy to make. I will be making many of these jewelry boxes using many different hardwoods and also pine and cedar. I will be using combinations of 2 different colored hard woods. If you have a preference these items can be ordered as a custom order with your own choice of either one or two different woods. Just keep in mind when using 2 hardwoods they should be close to the same texture of woods. I have been really enjoying the new items I have been making. I apologize that it has been a while since I last posted any of my work but things get a little hectic around here in June and it has calmed down some know. I will try my best to stay on track. You can go to website to check out some of the new items I have added. Recently I added a new design of crosses made from hardwood. They also are available in any wood combination if you have something special in mind. I will get some new crosses with more varieties of wood combination finished and added to the website. Please go and check it out.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Welcome Bears for Rustic Decor!

There are so many ideas for the welcome bears that I have been making.  They come in many different sizes. I make the smaller ones from 1" to 2" thick rough cut pine. They come in sizes from 12" tall to 4 ' tall including the base. They are finished several different ways: some are burnt to get different colors and some are stained. Welcome signs for smaller bears are made from poplar and hand painted with acrylics and the welcome signs for larger bears are made from 3/4" pine and then finished with stain and letters are hand painted with acrylics then entire piece is finished with a clear protective finish so it can be used indoors or out. Here are just a few to give you a idea of the different effects of different finishes. The ones in photo all have a block of cherry for a base which includes bark for rich texture and also the grain of the wood is exposed to show the nice grain pattern within a cherry tree or log. From left to right the first taller bear has been burnt for color, this bear measures 18" high with the base included. The bear is 5 3/4" wide. The second on left gets his color from applying a hand rubbed finish of oak and he measures 15" high including base and the bear made from 2" thick wood. 3rd bear in from left has a hand rubbed finish of walnut stain and is 13 1/4" tall and also made from 2" wood. Tall bear on the right is again burned for his rich color and he is 14 3/4" high including base. I will be consistently sharing different bears on a regular basis. I have many styles and designs and I am always working on one almost always along with other items I make. If you are interested in ordering one of the bears shown in this picture or you want one a little different you can go to HTTP://WWW.BACYARDWOODDESIGNS.COM  Many different bears available for your rustic Adirondack d├ęcor, or if you just like to decorate with bears. They sure do give a warm feeling to any room, they look great in a window or sitting in the flower bed. I am sure you have a area where one of these little bears would look great. If you would like to contact me regarding any of the items you see here you can contact me by email at

Monday, May 13, 2013

Handcrafted Items All Wildlife Decor

It has come to that time that I must share with you the most recent items I have completed and I will provide you with a link to the website where you can view, order and purchase these items.
These items are all wildlife related as they are very popular and just happen to be my most enjoyed items that I create. A lot of these items are real works of art. I usually try to incorporate as many items of nature and that have been obtained while walking in the woods. I am looking forward to creating more of these pieces of art in the coming weeks.
First item I would like to share in great detail would be the Great Horned Owl perched on White Birch.  This is a great piece I love to create. I take orders for these as a custom order so you can choose many of your own details that you would like incorporated with in the piece for example if you would like pine cones or acorns added and also you can choose your preference of kinds of woods used for the base and tree like post.  The owl is made from 5 layers of rough sawn pine in layers of approx. 2" thick. Most features of the owl are created in a combination of wood burning, carving and staining. The one shown in the picture has also had a medium to dark oak finish added to bring out the other details. The post is white birch and the base is black birch they are all finished of with a protective finish of spar urethane to protect from the elements for use as a outside decoration. If you know you will keep this item indoors that protective finish is not needed. Then they are finished of with some wild vines I cut from the woods that are naturally growing around the tree's.
Welcome Bear #1 & #2:
These bears are available in many different sizes. The ones pictured are 14 3/4 & 15" high. They are made in layers of 3/4" or 5/4" rough sawn pine with features of muzzle, paws, and feet all with added layers of either pine or poplar. Bears shown are burned for color and there are also options for these to be hand painted. They are affixed on a piece of cherry with bark to represent a stump or fallen tree. Welcome sign can be any color you would like. The ones shown are hand painted with acrylics and then spar urethane is added to protect from the elements. This item can also be used for indoor decoration and not add the spar urethane if preferred.
Welcome Bear Door Sign:
Welcome Bear Log Sign is made to hang on your camp from the entrance door to offer a warm welcome to your guest. This is made from rough cut pine, a 2" chunk and then the bear and log is cut using a band saw and all details are carved into log and then hand painted with added plastic bear eyes. This piece bear included is hand painted using acrylic paints and then a clear protective finish is added to protect from item from the elements. This item is a new item I will be adding to the website and face book page.
Turtle and Friends Solar Light:
Turtle is segmented into 40+ pieces and then each piece is sanded for detail and then hand painted and glued in place and if you have ever done segmented pieces you would know how this really brings life to a piece of wood. I prefer it over just painting because it just brings great detail and life to the piece. Once all pieces are sanded and painted they are glued up and assembled then a clear protective finish is applied. Then the turtle and his friends was attached to a group of  treated landscape posts which has a natural color finish then drilled for attaching a solar light. A few additional items were added to give brilliant yellow and green colors for a nice decoration for spring and summer. This item can be displayed outdoors or anywhere but would look great on a front porch or in the middle of a garden with flowers all around. This is another item with many custom options of your favorite animal and any of the detail can be of natural woods and saplings of a list of choices I have offered on the website.
If anyone has any questions about one of the items you see or an item you would like to have made don't hesitate to contact me. I welcome custom orders of all kinds and like to create items with personal preferences. Thank You for taking the time to look at these new creations of wooden artwork created by Lisa Schultz which are offered for sale at Backyard Wood Designs.
If you would like to look at other work that is available you can visit
Any Questions can be sent to:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Handcrafted Seated Rocking Horse

This seated rocking horse is so beautiful and a real joy to make! I have made several of these rocking horses and they are art. Each piece is cut and sanded to go in its own place. Each piece of wood gives its own touch of character to the piece based on its own wood grain pattern and color and spaces between grain patterns. I have made many of these rocking horses and I have to say this has to be one of my favorite things to make. I make these by custom order so the color of finish is based on the customers preference and each rocking horse is made especially for the customer placing the order. The customers who have ordered them thus far have all responded that they love them. If you are interested in ordering one of these rocking horses or others styles and sizes that are available you can go to WWW.BACKYARDWOODDESIGNS.COM
The reason I request a order by email or some other contact I need to find out shipping arrangements and I need to give estimated date of completion based on other orders. I am glad to send these by either USPS or UPS based on customer preference. Shipping cost is paid by the customer along with cost of rocking horse and sales tax for New York residents.
Medium Oak Finish is shown.